“I like that our church encourages everyone to be involved, using their talents. I also like that our youth are such an example to the younger children. They display an attitude that shows their desire to serve the Lord.”

“I appreciate Cornerstone Baptist Church because we preach the truth. John 17:17- Thy Word is Truth.”

“This Church is my Christian family. A family that loves and cares for me.”

“When I found Cornerstone Baptist Church, I found family. God’s Word is preached without excuse!”

“The church is like a family. From the Pastor, his family, and everyone in the congregation.”

“I really enjoy the spirit of the services, the piano, instruments, and song leading really set the tone for the service. The Lord always speaks to me during the song service.”

“The fellowship is amazing! I truly believe we care for each other as the church did in the book of Acts. Its always refreshing to be with God’s people!”

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